Wednesday, June 21, 2006

busy day

mom took me out today. we went to so many places! i went in the store where she gets her mail (they have treats!)and a big huge store where they sell home supplies. i rode in this big organge cart thing that had four wheels. it made me dizzy so i just laid down. mom looked happy and said i was a good boy. then we went to this office place where everyone seemed to know my mom. they fussed over me and i loved the attention.

somtimes, the car rides make me anxious. i don't know if i should sit in the back or in the front. i want to sit on mom's lap but she didn't seem to like that. she said i was too big (but i feel small). so we compromised and i simply put my head in her lap. by the time we got home i was exhausted. it was time to eat lunch, but i just flopped down and slept.


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  1. Rockwell used to roam around when I put him in the front seat and I never felt safe driving, even if he was leashed to the thing that makes that seat go back and forth. So now I put him in the back seat (which I cover in a big sheet because, now that he's older, he sheds) and he gets to look out both sides of the car and I feel better because he is back behind me.